No more White board theorists
and motivational speakers 

Why not just Murder someone instead?
(No, no, not for real!
 Become involved in a Murder By Design murder mystery instead!).

For over 10 years Murder by Design has created
customised interactive live entertainment
for corporate clients such as

ANZ,WESTPAC, TAFE, Nortel, Novartis, CBA,
Telstra, Goldman Sachs, Anderson Consulting,
Otis, Coca Cola, Mayne Health and MSJ

increasing staff morale, building teams and bonding staff through
Interactive Murder Mysteries

We have developed a unique version of team building and staff bonding exercises based on Murder Mystery themes. Murder by Design involves your staff in an evening or afternoon of Murder, Mystery and Mayhem blended with comedy, encouraging your staff to work as a team, solving the crime or even planning it.

Our team of 3- 8 professional actors work with your staff. Some portray mystery characters. Others may be disguised as new members of your team. Gradually a murder mystery unfolds and your staff are implicated. Our professional facilitator/detective leads them through a 1-2 hours of sleuthing and comedy. You are actively involved in the mystery, interrogating and being interrogated, following the clues and helping solve the crime. Prizes can be awarded to the most accurate and the most inventive sleuths.

Murder by Design provides three basic formats of corporate team building entertainment:

1.Team Bonding - light entertainment to involve your people and boost morale.

2.Team Building - exercises which develop team spirit and enhance communications - your staff may be broken into teams to help the detective solve the crime

3.Role Playing - combines all of the above, but takes the challenge further, with each person pre-briefed to play a role in the mystery. Each member of your team is giving a briefing note a few days in advance and they play roles of varying degrees of difficulty, based on advice from your management

Murder by Design will tailor the corporate performance to your individual needs using information provided by you to help foster improved communication within your team and to focus on the needs of individuals within the team in performances which can range from a long lunch hour to an 2 day conference. We will work with you to develop your team's potential and explore the individual's needs. We can also provide post-event feedback on the Team Building and Role Playing, if desired.

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				  We are based in Sydney, Australia,
 				but will travel!
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