The Mob takes care of its own !  
Murder By Design presents Family Business A flexible entertainment which
Set in the 1930s, during the (mercifully brief) Sydney North Shore prohibition era, organised crime bosses Don Amaretto Arabiata and Don Benedictine Bosciolla vie to supply the illicit liquor trade. But the rivalry between the Families is not limited to business matters. Mix with such characters as Cherry Brandy and Creme de Menthe, and see if you can find the killer when murder - inevitably - occurs. Designed for larger groups, this mystery incorporates a special visual presentation created for each client, and background music of the era on CD. Dress up , interrogate the suspects, hunt for clues, solve the mystery and HAVE FUN!

Maybe YOU will be the murderer.

Eight to twelve actors (depending on guest numbers) set up the situations and facilitate the action.

All evenings are customised to your group -
you give us some "low-down" on your guests,
and it's worked into the plot!

The company reserves the right to cast actors of either sex
in rôles which are not gender specific.
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