Goodbye to the Boss!

Murder By Design presents A Final Farewell We all know things can go wrong at the office party - but this one has to be the ultimate disaster. For 50 to 200 guests.
It is the retirement party for Owen Startitt, the man who realised the potential in Eli Pfeisser's post-war invention of the universal multi-bit, and through clever marketing built the multi-national gadget manufacturing corporation which has made Pfeisser-Startitt a household name. Beneath the party fun and congratulations shared by employees,family and friends, lurks a bitter board-room battle. Owen has put the cat among the pigeons by selling all but 5% of his shares,so that he can buy his dream retirement property and go fishing. The two main contenders for Owen's position, Olivia Cantrip, Head of Marketing, and Peter Delmar, Head of Manufacturing,who own 15% of shares each, totally disagree as to the direction in which the firm should go. And is Peter hiding something? He seems desperate to have his plans approved. Eccentric inventor Eli owns only 10% of stock, but personally retains the patents to his vast variety of inventions. He never attends board meetings, and proxies have to be prised out ofhim, if you can drag him away from his workbench long enough to sign a piece of paper. His vote is crucial, but his mind isn't on office politics. And advertising girl Kylie Snipper seems very distracted tonight, too - but then, she's always a bit vague. Peter's wife Alice, with her "little problem", is here too, as is lady trucker Molly Tuckinwell,the budgie fancier. When bickering turns to murder, Detective Inspector Ben Trencher will need all your help to solve the mystery.
Trust no-one! The stranger next to you may be in on the plot! Help the Detective interrogate the suspects, hunt for clues, solve the mystery and HAVE FUN!

Eight professional actors set up the situations and facilitate the action.
We also have a choice of smaller entertainments for groups of 12 to 60 guests.

All evenings are customised to your group -
you give us some "low-down" on your guests,
and it's worked into the plot!

The company reserves the right to cast actors of either sex
in rôles which are not gender specific.
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