Fête worse than Death 

Murder By Design presents A Fatal Fête An evening's entertainment ideal for 50 to 200 guests.
Harvest Festival and time for the village fête; who knows what may turn up in the jumble this year?
A stranger has been spotted poking around the old pictures and pottery.
And what to do with the proceeds of the day? The committee is at loggerheads. The vicar is keen to repair the church roof with the proceeds. Churchwarden Lady Eloise Brightsmile feels she ought to support the vicar, but would rather have the church hall heated, since "it is the REAL centre of the congregation." Local trendy Susie Green wants to use the takings to protect the hedgehog (and the unique hedgehog flea). This would involve building a hedgehog tunnel under the main road. Farmer Jim Wideacre isn't keen, and has recently been seen in earnest conversation with local Councillor and builder Godfrey Gainsfree, - but is the Councillor to be trusted?
Nor dare Farmer Jim let Susie anywhere near his land, for fear she discover that it is home to a rare type of frog. There is also a unique flower that grows there, but nobody knows that yet, - except perhaps Miss Mayhew, the local librarian.
When murder occurs, Detective Inspector Rightly is sent to investigate, but he will get nowhere unless he learns to listen to Miss Muriel Mayhew. Fundraising Bonus: audience may be asked to bring along suitable items for the "stalls", which you can then auction off either as part of the evening or at a later date.

Is the stranger at your table really a guest or is she an actor? Only time will tell! Help the Detective interrogate the suspects, hunt for clues, solve the mystery and HAVE FUN!

Eight professional actors set up the situations and facilitate the action. BONUS! Special appearance by the Sydney Morrismen can be included.
We also have a choice of smaller entertainments for groups of 12 to 60 guests.

All evenings are customised to your group -
you give us some "low-down" on your guests,
and it's worked into the plot!

The company reserves the right to cast actors of either sex
in rôles which are not gender specific.
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