Seasonal Sleuthing

Murder By Design presents Sabotage at Santa's A Christmas Entertainment with a twist - for 50 to 200 guests.
Murder by Design Christmas Special - also suitable for Yule in July

Father Christmas has been persuaded that it is time to bring his workshops in line with modern business practises, and to modernise his image. Jo Slicksuit MBA is advising him,and is attempting to impose a new productivity agreement on the elves and streamline production methods: no more than twelve lines of toys, all dolls to be completed by January 30th, all cricket sets by February 28th etc. Workshop Supervisor Marty Grumblestump and Marketing Manager Dee Sellcraft, normally not the best of friends, are bitterly opposed to the changes and have formed an uneasy alliance. Marty dislikes the production pressures and thinks quality is being sacrificed in the name of efficiency, and Dee (who organises Santa's shopping centre and TV appearances, makes sure royalties are paid on film reruns, etc.) feels Santa's credibility is at risk. With the unrest already threatening Christmas production, it is no help that the brand new whizz-bang computer system (which monitors all the children so that Santa knows who's been good this year) has gone down right in the middle of sorting the data for Australia.Young techie Billy Brightspark thinks sabotage may be involved, but it could be no more than a virus introduced last time one of the market research elves played Sonic the Hedgehog on the Internet. As if that weren't enough, car salesperson Robin Fastmouth has almost sold Santa on the new super trendy all terrain Worldmaster 4WD as a replacement for the sleigh, and suspended Reindeer Wrangler Chris Care, who has been under investigation since the great Rudolf Ringer scandal last year, may not have a job to return to. Feelings are running high, and murder is the result. Santa himself is under threat. Can replacement wrangler Ben Broadfoot, really an undercover cop investigating the ring-in, find the villain in time to prevent further disaster, and incidentally solve the Rudolf mystery?
Trust no-one! The stranger next to you may be in on the plot! Help the Detective question the suspects, hunt for clues, solve the mystery and HAVE FUN!

Eight professional actors set up the situations and facilitate the action.
We also have a choice of smaller entertainments for groups of 12 to 60 guests.

All evenings are customised to your group -
you give us some "low-down" on your guests,
and it's worked into the plot!

The company reserves the right to cast actors of either sex
in rôles which are not gender specific.
(Don't worry about Santa!)
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