Winner Takes All !  
Murder By Design presents Urbane Survival TM - the RealiTV of Murder Specially created for groups who may not know their final numbers until shortly before the event Suitable for restaurants and venues where guests book individual tables.
This is the very last episode of the Game Show, and the eliminated contestants will have the final vote on who the ultimate winner will be. Feelings are running high, and old alliances may be reinforced, or broken, before the evening is out. If you are to be on the jury who will decide the winner, you have some Challenges to meet. The Producers still have a surprise or two up their sleeves, nd when murder is added to the mix the situation is volatile. Lots of motives for murder, but who really did it, and why? Hunt for clues, solve the mystery and HAVE FUN!

Maybe YOU will be the murderer.

Three to twelve actors (depending on guest numbers) set up the situations and facilitate the action.

All evenings are customised to your group -
you give us some "low-down" on your guests,
and it's worked into the plot!

The company reserves the right to cast actors of either sex
in rôles which are not gender specific.
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